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They are used to smash material in to tiny shards or granules. It can crush all types of items such as, Food stuffs, feeds, plastic etc.

Pulverizer machines come in a number of different forms and can be used for different purposes like grinding dry red chillies, Turmeric, Besan, dry ginger, coriander, cumin, black pepper and all other spices etc.

Micro Pulveriser:

Suitable for grinding dry materials like Dry Red chillies, Coriander, Cumin, Black pepper, other spices, Leafs, Roots, Sugar, Husk.

We can Grind 30 to 40 mesh powders by changing perforated sheet (sieves).

Made in mild Steel and Stainless Steel SS 304 and various capacities 5 HP to 80 HP.

Cone Pulverizer:

Suitable for grinding Turmeric, Besan, Tamarind seeds, Dry Ginger, Saw Dust, Aggarbatti material, Roots, Herbal leafs, Black grams (Urud Dal), Bengal gram (Channa Dal), Red oxide, Gypsum, China clay, Shikakai, Lime stone, Coconut shell, Soap stone etc.

We can grind all fine powders 60, 80, 100 up to 200 mesh by adjusting whizzer.

Made in mild Steel and Stainless Steel SS 304 and various capacities 5 HP to 80 HP.

Turmeric Dust Proof Polishing Machine:

Surface area of Raw Turmeric polishing and totally covered when polishing turmeric to arrest dust not to flow in the air

Polishing time: 30 minutes per batch

Capacities 100Kg to 1000Kg per batch

Mixer / Blender:

Mixing the various powders and masalas:

Mixing time: 20 minutes per batch

Capacities 100 Kg to 1000 Kg per batch

Made in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel

Double Cone Blender:

Another Model for Blending and Mixing the Chemical Powders/Masala Powders.

Ginger/Garlic/Onion Paste/Sugar Grinding Pulverizer:

Ginger, Garlic, Onion Paste pulverizer also will be used for sugar Grinding:

Made in Stainless Steel SS 304

Capacities from 30Kgs to 150Kgs per hour.

Chilly Cleaning Machine:

Raw Chillies cleaning like mud, Soil, Stones separating machinery with Suction Blowers:

Capacities 500Kgs per hour & 1000Kgs per hour

Power required is total 10HP.

Automatic Dry Red Chillies/Cumin/Coriader Grinding Unit:

Automatic Dry Red Chillies and Spices Grinding units.

Capacities 200Kgs per hour to 500Kgs per hour.

Automatic Turmeric/Besan/Coconut Shell Powdering Plant:

Automatic Turmeric/Besan/Coconut Shell/Tamarind Seeds grinding unit.

Capacities 100Kgs per hour to 400Kgs per hour.

Material Lifting and Powders Conveying Machinery:

Bucket Elevators used for Raw Spices and Powders mainly raw materials.

Screw Conveyors used for grounded powders to another place or into other machinery.

Capacities will be adjusted at the time of installation.

Power required 2 HP.

Roaster cum Blender:

Roasting the Cumin, Coriander with electric coils system everything will be adjusted in the Control Panel (heat according to product).

Ranges 100Kg to 500Kg per batch.

This roaster can be utilized as Blending and Mixing the material it means works for dual purpose. If we can switch off the electric coils working only for mixing.

Vibro Sifters:

Vibro Sifters used for sieving the different kinds of powders by changing inside sieves.

30 Mesh, 40 Mesh, 60 Mesh, 80 Mesh, 100 Mesh, 120 Mesh, 150 Mesh, 200 Mesh.

Power required: 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP.

By increasing decks one time we can sieve by inserting different kinds of Meshes.

Poultry Feed Grinding Plant:

It is tailored to suit enterprising farmers (8 Tons Shift)

Commercial farmers and small town feed (16-20 Tons Shift)

Government feed distribution Programmes (20-24 Tons Shift)

Commercially operated feed plant (50-75 Tons Shift).